28 – God Hates Astronauts by Ryan Browne

Welcome back Handsomites! This week, Eric and Robbie talk about the week’s newest books, Thor: The Dark World, Neal Stephenson, and mypullist.com! They also discuss God Hates Astronauts by Ryan Browne in Nerd Boy Book Club, as well as a general discussion on webcomics and digital vs. physical media. Tons of good stuff, and it’s all here for you!

Weekly Floppies

– Umbral #1

– Unity #1

– Superior Foes of Spider-Man #5

– Savage Wolverine #11

– FBP #5

– Astro City #6

Nerd Boy Book Club

God Hates Astronauts by Ryan Browne

Show Notes/Links

Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson

Thor: The Dark World

Mypullist.com / I Kill Giants by Joe Kelly & JM Ken Niimura

Next Week in Nerd Boy Book Club: The Sandman Vol 1 & Vol 2

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