44 – The Sinestro Corps War by Geoff Johns

Hello Handsomites! As Eric and Robbie gear up for Megacon, they bring you some hot steamin’ podcast goodness! They flop it out with the week’s new books, including the brand new Captain Marvel and their first look at the Marvel Now Deadpool! In Nerd Boy Book Club, they read the Sinestro Corps War and analyze the threads that run from it to the New 52 (and they’re not too kind)! Finally, they talk Stephen King and Attack on Titan! All that and more just past the jump!

Weekly Floppies

– Captain Marvel #1

– Deadpool #25

– Superboy #29

– Superman/Wonder Woman #6

– Magnus Robot Fighter #1

Nerd Boy Book Club

The Sinestro Corps War by Geoff Johns

Show Notes

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

Attack on Titan

Next week in Nerd Boy Book Club – World War Hulk by Grek Pak and John Romita Jr.!