Bonus Reviews – Indestructible Hulk #10 & Daredevil #28

Hello Everyone! Given that I read a lot more weekly books than what we talk about on the podcast, Eric and I thought it prudent to give you guys some “bonus content”. Most weeks I’ll be reviewing a few extra books and posting them earlier in the comic book week (Wednesday to Wednesday). Without further ado…

This week, I’ll be looking at two books featuring Daredevil, both written by Mark Waid. First up is Indestructible Hulk #10. Pencils and inks by Matteo Scalera, colors by Val Staples, and lettering by Chris Eliopoulos. This is the second part of Blind Rage, with the Hulk breaking up a gun smuggling operation with the help of Daredevil. Baron Zemo got his hands on the only weapon that escaped, and this issue picks up with the Hulk and Daredevil hunting him down. They quickly find him and the majority of this book is taken up in the chase, first of Zemo, and then with the most interesting thing, of a blinded Hulk chasing Daredevil, with Matt Murdock trying to keep him out of trouble by luring him with the weapon, with the enraged Hulk giving chase. Action packed issue, and Scalera’s art complements it very well, communicating the visceral rage of the Hulk and showing him as a force of nature. Waid has Daredevil’s voice down pat by now, and he really is the star of the show in this issue. I’m a big sucker for Baron Zemo, and I hope that Waid is building him up as Banner’s opponent in the next couple arcs. 4/5 stars.

Last but not least is Daredevil #28, also written by Mark Waid, with pencils and colors by Javier Rodriguez, with links by Alvaro Lopez, and letters by VC’s Joe Caramagna. After a the climactic battle with Bullseye, Lady Deadpool, and Ikari, this issue sees Matt Murdock return to normalcy, or at least as much normalcy the Man Without Fear can ever expect. We see him visiting Foggy in the hospital, in a pretty gut wrenching scene, with Murdock overwhelmed by the smell of the chemotherapy, and still yet hiding his disgust from Foggy. The rest of the issue we see Murdock take on the case of a childhood bully of his, and we get some pretty interesting insights into Matt as a kid, and his growth into Daredevil. I really like the art and it’s yet another great Daredevil book. It’s pretty staggering how Waid and the rotating staff of artists just keep knocking these out of the park. 5/5 stars.