Episode 94: Preacher Volumes 7 - 9 by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon

94 – Preacher Vol. 7-9 by Garth Ennis & Steve Dillon

Hey Handsomites! Eric and Robbie are finishing up their look back at Preacher this week! They talk about why the ending is ultimately questionable, how Jesse is a static character, and the shift of the focus of the story from its beginning. Also, reviews of Hit 1957, Gotham Academy, and Nemo: River of Ghosts!

Weekly Floppies

  • Suiciders #2
  • Gotham Academy #6
  • Hit 1957 #1
  • Powers #2
  • Nemo: River of Ghosts

Nerd Boy Book Club

  • Preacher Vol 7-9 by Garth Ennis & Steve Dillon

Next week in Nerd Boy Book Club – The Private Eye #1-10 by Brian K Vaughan & Marcos Martin