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Episode 97: Action Comics 1-18 by Grant Morrison et al

97 – Action Comics #1-18 by Grant Morrison & Morales, Kubert, and Ha

Hey Handsomites! Eric and Robbie are talking about Grant Morrison’s Action Comics this week! They talk about Morrison throwing new readers into the deep end, the convoluted story, and the differences between this and All-Star Superman! They review Chrononauts #2 and Convergence #2, and talk about Robbie’s wedding!

Weekly Floppies

  • Convergence #2
  • Convergence Shadow of the Bat #1
  • Chrononauts #2
  • Nova #29
  • Magneto #17

Nerd Boy Book Club

Action Comics #1-18 by Grant Morrison

Next week in Nerd Boy Book Club – Daredevil: Born Again by Frank Miller & David Mazzucchelli!