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An Email Conversation with Don Rosa, circa 2005


It’s been several years since I had this simple exchange with Don Rosa about his work. I was a very different person then and eight years younger, and to be honest, it’s a fairly inane exchange. But here’s what Don sent me. At the time, said he spent about four hours a day simply answering fan mails. Within a few days of sending this note, he replied with this. I think it reveals a lot about his character, as well as his frustration with his Disney overlords.

This conversation mentions a close friend of mine, whose name has been removed to be considerate of his privacy.

Eric: I also hope it was worth your while to come all the way out to our little comic con (Note: Heroes Con 2005 was much smaller than it is these days), as I know I’d certainly look forward to hopefully seeing you in person another year.

Don: That was a nice size show and I enjoyed it VERY much! I hope to be back next year! Continue reading