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Episode 102: Planet Hulk by Greg Pak, Carlo Pagulayan and Aaron Lopresti

102 – Planet Hulk by Greg Pak, Carlo Pagulayan, & Aaron Lopresti

Hey Handsomites! Eric and Robbie are talking about Planet Hulk this week! They discuss the Hulk in a swords and sandals setting, the restrictions of an event comic, and the possibilities with the character as a whole! Also, they review Secret Wars #3 and Midnighter #1, and discuss Fury Road and Heroes of the Storm!

Weekly Floppies

  • Arcadia #2
  • Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1
  • Secret Wars #3
  • Midnighter #1
  • Action Comics #41

Next week in Nerd Boy Book Club – Old Man Logan by Mark Millar & Steve McNiven

46 – World War Hulk by Greg Pak & John Romita Jr.

Hello Handsomites! Eric and Robbie are fresh, rested, and recording together for this amazing episode! They take a look at the week’s newest books, including Ghost Rider and Silver Surfer #1, not to mention the oft-delayed Sandman Overture #2! In Nerd Boy Book Club they discuss World War Hulk as a counterpoint to the Sinestro Corps War, and ask if the former succeeds where the latter failed. Finally, Robbie defends the second and third Matrix films in Guilty Pleasure! More podcast, more fun, more of the best!

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