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36 – Marvel 1602 by Neil Gaiman & Andy Kubert

Hello Handsomites! Eric and Robbie are talking comics once again! In this week’s stunner of an episode, they talk the week’s newest books including Miracleman #1, Garth Ennis’ Rover Red Charlie, where The Walking Dead meets Homeward Bound, and the surprise of the week in…Scooby Doo?!? They take a long hard look at Marvel 1602, the Neil Gaiman elseworlds story, and discuss Dune, and indie gaming, as they are apt to do. Great episode, folks, and you don’t want to miss it!

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31 – Sandman Vol 5-6 by Neil Gaiman

Hello Handsomites! Eric and Robbie are back once again to bring you a new dose of podcasty goodness! They take a look at the week’s newest books, including a double dose of Grek Pak from DC, a new book from Garth Ennis featuring…dogs?!?, and their first official look at Superior Spider-man! They talk indie games, board games, and Preacher, and continue their Sandman retrospective with volumes 5 & 6! Come get some, it’s good for ya!

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