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59 – The Walking Dead Vol 1-4 by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, & Charlie Adlard

Hey Handsomites! In this week’s episode, Robbie and Eric talk Shovel Knight, Adam Savage, and Tampa’s Metrocon before taking a look at the week’s books, including New Suicide Squad #1 and Grayson #1, and only one gets the nod! They begin their giant retrospective of The Walking Dead, and Eric faces off against the Bryan Lee O’ Malley Tweet Quiz!

Weekly Floppies

  • – Spread #1
  • – New Suicide Squad #1
  • – Grayson #1
  • – 100th Anniversary Special #1 Spider-Man
  • – Superior Foes of Spider-Man #13

Nerd Boy Book Club

The Walking Dead Vol 1-4 by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, & Charlie Adlard

Show Notes

Shovel Knight

Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project


The Digital Masquerade

Next Week in Nerd Boy Book Club – The Walking Dead Vol 5-8 by Robert Kirkman & Charlie Adlard

34 – The First Annual Handsome Boys Handies Awards

Hello Handsomites! We are glad to present the First Annual Handsome Boys Comics Hour Handies Awards! We take a look at the year’s best (and worst) and give them each a Handy! We also talk videogames, Nintendo business strategy, and the new books of the week! This is an instant classic, folks, and you don’t want to miss it!

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32 – Sandman Vol 7-8 by Neil Gaiman

Hello Handsomites! Eric and Robbie come to you once again with a lovin’ liter of podcast goodness! They review the week’s newest books (woe be unto them), continue with Volumes 7 & 8 of The Sandman retrospective, and discuss Anathem! All of that, plus a new entry of Rantin’ & Ravin’ with Alan Moore! So much awesomeness, don’t know what to do!

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28 – God Hates Astronauts by Ryan Browne

Welcome back Handsomites! This week, Eric and Robbie talk about the week’s newest books, Thor: The Dark World, Neal Stephenson, and mypullist.com! They also discuss God Hates Astronauts by Ryan Browne in Nerd Boy Book Club, as well as a general discussion on webcomics and digital vs. physical media. Tons of good stuff, and it’s all here for you!

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22 – The Rocketeer by Dave Stevens

Hello Hansomites! This is episode #22, and it’s doozy! Eric and Robbie bring back a report from the Orlando Bacon Festival, talk board games and Final Fantasy Tactics! They take a look at this week’s newest books, and read the classic The Rocketeer by Dave Stevens in Nerd Boy Book Club! Lastly but not leastly, Eric once again takes on the challenge of the Bryan Lee O’ Malley Tweet Quiz! Can he succeed? Only one way to find out! Tune in, you won’t regret it!

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14 – The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale

In this week’s episode, Eric and Robbie take a look at The Long Halloween, Elysium, the week’s newest releases, and the never ending stream of idiocy that comes from Todd McFarlane’s face! It also features an in depth look into inking and coloring in Eric’s Art Explosion, and the creation of a new villain for Dr. Strange in Random Character Generator! Tune in folks, because you don’t want to miss this!

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